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Environmental education – our eco-household training courses


Recession, climate change, doomsday predictions…? It’s time for a change!

Our world is going through a transformation. It makes a big difference whether you are ready for that or not. In preparation the eco-household workshops help you to adapt yourself to changes, where well-known experts teach environmentally conscious, sustainable lifestyle and practical knowledge.


March 7th Small communities: why are they important for

sustainability? – András Takács Sánta, lecturer at ELTE University, leader of ‘Kisközösségek Program’ (small communities program)

March 14th Energy consciousness and awareness: simple ideas, big savings – András Ledzényi, energy-efficiency advisor, Esztergom Environmental Cultural Association

March 20th Beauty tips from kitchen waste – Vali Antal, chemical analyst and professional cosmetician

March 28th Urban gardening – Gábor Rosta, college teacher, Urban Gardens Association

April 4th Cleaning and washing simply, cheaply and without poisons – Zsófia Perényi, Association of Conscious Consumers

April 11th Healthy nutrition and drinking water – dr. Eszter Kuklis, medical doctor, lifestyle advisor and dr. Zsuzsanna Jánosik, organic food advisor

April 18th Natural healing practices – Ildikó Komsa, natural therapeutist

April 25th Waste reduction beyond selective waste collection – Dóra Bátyi-Földesi, expert of Humusz Association

Venue: Aranytíz Kultúrház, Budapest V. district, Arany János u. 10.

Starting time: 18:00

If you would like to attend the workshops, please send us an e-mail at . We advise you to register in time because number of participants is limited.

Participation fee: 8.000 HUF for the whole training or 1.200 HUF per workshop

The program is supported by ‘Zöld Forrás’ financial program of the Ministry for Rural Development and Aranytíz Kultúrház.