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Cheap and efficient home insulation

Heating adds up to 60-70% of residential energy consumption. A part of it simply escapes through the windows and doors that effects not only our heating bill but also our environment. That is why our energy consumption is in direct ratio with the exploitation of our Earth’s stocks and the strengthening of climate change through the burning of energy sources.

With our method you can draught-proof your doors and windows in one day. The result will be a better quality and longer lifetime (up to 15 years) than that of self adhesive insulation stripes. What is more this work does not require professional help.

With the router we make a furrow in the case or the casement of the wooden door or window and then we put the silicon insulation into the furrow in the size that matches the gap. Cost of work can be recuperated in 1.5-2 years.

You can rent the router in our office. The 6 and 8 mm silicon insulation stripe costs 180 HUF/m, the 10 and 12 mm 220 HUF/m.

You can download a movie on insulation [170 MB, mpeg]

Information on renting the machine:

The rental time is 3.5 days (from Friday noon until Monday 5 pm. or from Tuesday 10 am. until Friday noon), that includes the day of renting and returning the machine.

The machine can be rented for a longer period after a preliminary consultation.

The machine should not be returned until the agreed deadline.

The renter is to pay a deposit (25,000 HUF) that will be refunded when returning the machine and the machine is not damaged.

Deposit is to be paid at the store in cash

The renter takes full  financial responsibility for the machine by signing a promissory note.